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What we stand for

Our Mission

TheraOp has been founded as a non-profit organisation with the purpose of furthering scientific research. We support our research-partners with the planning, coordination and execution of non-commercial clinical trials and in this context assume the responsibility of the sponsor.

Our Vision

With our research, we strive to advance the development of new and more effective forms of therapy. We focus on the human being and want to achieve a sustainable improvement in the quality of life of patients with serious illnesses such as cancer.

Our Projects

We conduct research within the framework of projects that most likely would not be conducted under other conditions, as there is no direct commercial interest for pharmaceutical companies. It is this type of research that is of great importance to the general public.



Our Origin and our Motivation

Scientific research for medical purposes, takes place in preclinical and clinical settings as well as after clinical trials and approval of therapies.

Having achieved positive, pre-clinical results, further research of therapies concerning safety and efficacy for human application is then commenced. If the expectations can be confirmed during these trials, further studies are carried out with the aim of obtaining marketing authorisation as a drug or medical device.Usually the initiator of such trials are commercial corporations and a commercial purpose is the center of attention.

Non-commercial research must be conducted following the same strict prerequisites as commercial research. The financing of a project is oftentimes very difficult. The results of these studies are of great importance for patients. Without non-commercial research, many topics that are important for a patient would not be subject to research. It is precisely these improvements in therapies, that are fundamentally important for patients. For example, such optimizations can be achieved by new combinations, changed dosages or changes in the application form.

Our Expertise

We benefit from our experiences, that we have gathered over the last two decades in hundreds of clinical trials - over 100 of them which have been done in oncology.

Our Network

Behind TheraOp stands a strong network of professionals, medical associations, university-hospitals, oncologic focus centers, patient associations as well as contractual research institutes.

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